About Us

Multitek Power Ltd is a privately owned company that was founded in 1989. Its aim was to be expert in the design and manufacture of products for the power measuring and control industry.

Multitek Power Ltd. manufacture an extensive range of precision power transducers, monitoring relays, digital panel meters, kilowatt hour meters and digital power metering systems.

The company is completely self contained:
We wind the transformers, mould the cases, assemble all the printed circuit boards and sub-assemblies and print all the labels for our products.

All of our products are designed at the factory by our team of design and production engineers, who draw on over 50 years experience in the power measurement and control industry.
Our products are designed to the latest international standards and the ever changing requirements of our customers.
All production, calibration and test equipment is traceable to international standards.
The worldwide market is served by exclusive distributors in over 35 countries.

2001 saw the complete redesign of the M800 meter to the new M802 which retained the same green LCD and simple two button programming format but was half the depth and half the cost.
The cost reduction was necessary to keep pace with the increased demand for Multifunction meters and the number of competitors entering the market.
The M802 required new case tooling so major investment was made in new mould tools.

2002-2006 saw the continual investment in product design of intelligent meters and transducers like the M550-CT* PowerCom, M560-AT* PowerSig and the M812-LD* LED power meter.
The design of each new product saw further expenditure in EMC approval and UL approval.

New products were enabling Multitek to enter new markets and appoint further distributors

2007 saw investment in new three phase power calibration racks to cater for the increase volume of products being manufactured.

2008 saw the start of the design of a complete new range of multifunction meters known as the MultiPower M850.

The new range had a clip together case and fast production assembly with the majority of the assembly being surface mount with no internal wiring. The M850-MP1 has a unique blue LED display that could be read at distance and in bright sun light. The product was designed for low cost high volume production with normal product batches being 500 pcs.

The new range required investment in a new surface mount assembly machine.

2008 to 2011 saw further development to the M850 range introducing ethernet communication, BACnet protocol, low voltage DC auxiliary supplies and DC measurement for solar power and telecommunications.

In 2012 the M850-CTE was introduced. This product uses a external three phase plug-in current transformer which connects to the meter via a RJ45 connector making the M850-CTE installation time up to 60% faster than a conventional meter and current transformer arrangement.

In 2013 further investment in a new two spindle transformer winding machine and two new DC calibration racks for calibration on the M850-MPD dc power measuring meter took place.

2014 saw the development of the C-Tran range of combined three phase current transformer and power measuring transducers.