M553 Overview

The M553 is a fully programmable three phase power transducer with an isolated RS485 based communication port supporting a subset of Modicon’s Modbus protocol.
It is powered by a high voltage ac/dc universal power supply or a low voltage dc supply.

Its accuracy is class 0.25% for input signals down to 10% Un and 10% In, (1% of reading for energy measurements.IEC1036), 50-60Hz.

The M553 measures Voltages, Currents, Import/Export Power (W, VAr, VA), True Power Factor, Frequency, Import/Export Demands(Wd, VArd, VAd, Ad) and Import/Export Energy (W.h, VAr.h, VA.h, and A.h, pulsed through an optional relay)

All measured quantities can be extracted from the transducer, the system’s parameters can be set up remotely, important data can be saved to computer and the order of the Modbus registers themselves can be changed.

The optional relay, when installed in the M553, can have up to 8 conditions attached to it creating a very flexible monitoring system.

N.B. The easiest way to read or write relay settings is to use the MultiView program

A dc version of the M553 is available.
It measures dc Voltage, Current, Power, import and export energy, demands and hours run.

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