M550/M560/M570 Calibration Data
Calibration data stored in EEPROM.
The read function should be used to extract the original calibration data. This should be recorded for possible reloading at a later date.
The calibration data can be viewed using the MultiView program, optionally supplied with the transducer.
In the unlikely event of a critical system failure, the calibration figures can be re-entered into the transducer’s EEPROM.
For the write function, both the General Pass Code and the Calibration Pass Code need to be valid

The write functions require the General Pass Code to be valid.

Sample Coding
Slave Address = 1
Writing 6 values to 4X Registers - code 16 (10 hex)

Message Packet To SLAVE
01 10 00 2E 00 18 18 3F 80 0F 13 3F 80 0B 78 3F 80 0B 78 3F 80 0F 13 3F 80 0B 78 3F 80 0B 78 99 28

Response Packet From SLAVE
01 10 00 2E 00 18 A0 0A