M600-WM4 3 Phase 3 Wire Kilowatt hour meter

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The M600-WM4  Is a 3 phase 3 wire Kilowatt hour meter.

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The kW.h meter has Class accuracy of 1% to IEC 1036.

The DIN 96 x 96 case means the product can be mounted on individual machines as well as control switchboards for complete or part installations.

The mechanical counter is 7 digit non reset able when counter passes 9999999 it resets to zero. Optional pulsed output of kW.h, is available to send to remote counters, PLCs data loggers and computers. Analogue mA output of the instantaneous Watt, kW or MW is also an option.

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Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 10.2 × 11.3 × 9.3 cm




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