M5xx Monitoring Relay(s) Action

M5xx Monitoring Relay(s) Action

N.B. For firmware revisions and later only


The M5xx relay’s action on an exception can be written/read using one of the tables below.

The format is a one-byte bit pattern, where each bit is mapped to one physical relay,
(bit 0 = Relay 1, bit 1 = Relay 2 etc.)
If a bit is reset (0), the corresponding relay’s function is to energise on exceptions, if set (1) it will de-energise.

An M570 has three relays installed and these are numbered RLY1 to RLY3.
By default, they correspond to bit positions 0 to 2 respectively. The rest of the bits (3 – 7) in the actions byte are ignored.

Relays x x x x x 3 2 1
Bit No. 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0
Action Byte x x x x x 1 0 1
Action On Exceptions x x x x x Energise De-energise Energise

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